Walking Dead season 6 finale “Who got Lucille’d?”

Season six of The Walking Dead ended on a cliffhanger that has caused mixed fan reaction. Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator, was seen on Talking Dead talking about that the point of the finale wasn’t who died, but the fact that Rick was powerless. And the season 7 opener will be about who died and the repercusions.

The episode also started a host of theories as to who Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) beats to death with his barbed wire wrapped bat “Lucille”.  Out of the list of potential victims:

Rick Michonne Carl
Abraham Glenn Aaron
Daryl Rosita Eugene
Maggie Sasha

Everyone has their theories, allow me to share mine.

We know that Kirkman has said before that Rick and Michonne are the only two charcaters that are safe…as far as the comic goes. I don’t see them changing that at this point in the series. So let’s assume they’re safe.

Of the nine remaining, Glenn was the character who Negan beat to a pulp in the comics. After the “Glenn is dead..no he’s not” moment in the series eariler in episode “Heads Up”, I don’t see the writers killing Glenn now.

That said, Eugene has been doing more and coming into his own as a character. And as proof by Beth, and Denise both dying , it seems as though a character growing is a red flag that the character is going to die. Eugene caused the distraction allowing Daryl, Rosita and Abraham to escape when Dwight and a group of Saviors ambushed them. He also gave the “receipe” for making bullets to Rick. So I’m almost sad to say that my money is on him for the chopping block.

As for Aaron and Rosita, I think they’re both safe. Their death at this point would be pointless. The writers haven’t given us enough to chew on with Rosita. Her death wouldn’t stir much emotion with fans. It wouldn’t make us love to hate Negan the way the writers need us to. The same is true for Aaron. Aaron is our last big connection to the old Alexandria. I don’t see the show letting that go yet.

Maggie is pregnant and her character has been developing rather interestingly. SO that would put her on the chopping block according to the Walking Dead formula I’ve been using. I don’t see Glenn and Maggie being broken up just yet though. They represent the hope for the future in the zombie apocolypse. Besides we already dealt with a pregnancy going badly during the zombie apocolypse. I doubt we’ll revist that anytime soon.
Sasha and Abraham have something growing together and at this point needs more exploring. Cutting either of them down now would seem almost pointless.

Daryl could be it. He has at least one other project lined up that might be cause for him to leave the show. His death would give fans ample reason to hate Negan. If this was true, was he shot by Dwight to throw us off? Who’s to say? Highest probablity as far as I’m concerned is with Eugene.

What do you think? Do you have any theories?

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