X-Wing number one minature game in US

X-Wing Force awakens set
X-Wing Force Awakens set

According to ICv2, Star Wars X-Wing miniature game has beat out Warhammer 40K for the top spot in sales in the US for the Fall season. The category of “Non-collectible minature game” was held by Games Workshop mega game Warhammer 40K.  The numbers used to determine the top spot weas gathered by interviewing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Two of the top three spots are held by Star Wars based games and are both made by Fantasy Flight games. The top three games in the US are as follows:

  1. Star Wars X-Wing
  2. Warhammer 40K
  3. Star Wars Armada

Have you played X-Wing? Do you like the game?

I played it and I liked it! Its got an interesting system that from my understanding isn’t new…but it’s the first time I’ve encountered it. Players plan their moves in secret. Then they are revealed based on the pilot skill. With different pilot cards, add ons, and plenty of ships to choose from, Star Wars: X-Wing is a game for StarWars fans as well as all types of gaming fans.

Before I heard of X-Wing taking the top spot in its category, I  was planning to do a YouTube video and a X-wing Core set giveaway.  Well I caught a bug and lost my voice, so YouTube will have to wait. However, the show must go on so I will still have a drawing for a free X-Wing Core Force Awakens set. Check here for details.


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