5 reasons why you should be with Team IronMan for Civil War

In May, Captain America 3 is going to be war… Civil War. On one side you have Captain America and on the other you have Ironman.

Well if we’re going from what we know about the film so far, you should be with Team Ironman.
Let’s do a headcount:
There’s the King (Black Panther), the Master Assassin (Black Widow), the Robot (Vision), the Tin Soldier (War Machine), and the Shellhead (Iron Man).
.. and here’s five reasons why you should be with #TeamIronMan:
  1. TECHNOLOGICAL SUPERIORITY. Team Ironman has not only the Ironman and War Machine armors but then there’s Vision. The synthetic being who currently is sporting the bling known as the Mind Infinity Stone. Black Panther is also sporting a unique suit with untold technological advances from Wakanda.
  2.  MY GUNS ARE BIGGER THAN YOURS. Team Ironman has the most firepower! Between shoulder cannons, chest beams, wrist launchers, and many other devices hidden in the TWO armors, how is Team Cap going to match that? Vision has fired beams from the Mind Gem also.
  3. SHOW ME THE MONEY. Between having the resources of Tony Stark, the nation of Wakanda, and the United States government, Team Ironman has the biggest budget. This team isn’t hiding in some dive motel or eating scraps, we’re eatting good and sleeping well.
  4. I AM THE LAW. While rebellion is sometimes necessary (American Revolution, American Civil War, Star Wars), but in this case the law is on the side of Team Ironman. The US government, possibly the UN are supporting Team Ironman.
  5. ACE IN THE HOLE. We got the webhead! Spidey is a part of Team Ironman. With a great team, comes great responsibility.
These are only a few reasons, but there are many more.
So which team are you on #TeamIronman or TeamCap ? What are your reasons?

Getting ready for Agents of SHIELD midseason premiere

There are only a few days left before the midseason premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on March 8th. A lot has happened to Agent Coulson and his group. There have been some setbacks, some victories, and some twists and turns. Before we think about the future of SHIELD, let’s take a quick look back at SHIELD’s past.

SEASON ONE Introduced us to a resurrected Coulson and his mobile response team meant to deal with mysterious situations in a world of miracles. The big bad of this season is called the Clairvoyant while Coulson searches for the secrets of his return to life. While handling some strange cases and working to take down the Clairvoyant, the team grows and SHIELD collapses (this is in direct connection of the MCU movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier). Hydra moles within SHIELD are exposed including a member of Coulson’s team. The Clairvoyant is also revealed to be a SHIELD/Hydra agent. This story arc concludes with the Clairvoyant’s defeat and a setup for next season dealing with Skye’s father and the side effects to Coulson’s resurrention.
 SEASON TWO Introduced us to Skye’s parents and the Inhumans (people given powers by alien crsytals). Coulson’s team fights for SHIELD to regain public and government trust. As Coulson learns of his connection to the Inhumans and his leadership is called into question. It is reveled that Coulson isn’t the only SHIELD agents left trying to do good, but these agents don’t trust Coulson and try to unseat him as director. Inhumans also plot against SHIELD. As this story arc finishes up, Skye is the first of Coulson’s Inhuman agents, the rogue Inhumans are defeated, and Coulson makes a sacrifice. In the aftermath, Simmons disappears.
 SEASON THREE Focuses on Coulson’s team working to get agent Simmons back as well as the growing population of Inhumans. We meet the government’s reponse to Inhumans in the ATCU. Also the threat of a rogue Inhuman who is killing other Inhumans is revealed. As our heroes pursue the Inhuman killer, it is revealed that he is someone close to home. Coulson tries to foster an alliance with the ATCU and works to bring Simmons back. Ward works with Hydra who are also interested in the place where Simmons is; only to find an ancient power. At the end of the first half of the season, Fitz and Coulson bring back Simmons while Ward brings back something else.
That brings us to now. Are you ready for “Bouncing Back” on March 8th (the next episode of MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD)? What was your favorite part of Season Three so far? Leave a comment…

Wizard World Philly – THOR for free contest

Its HAMMER TIME. That’s right, enter this free contest to win a Chris Hemsworth VIP ticket (this includes an autograph, photo op, PLUS 1 ticket to the Thor Panel) for Wizard World Philadelphia. The contest ends March 10th.

Wizard World Philadelphia is from June 2nd – 5th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. 

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Like a (Super) Girl

As a nerd dad with three daughters and who is part of a Disney family, I thought I was destined to drown in princess gowns and pixie dust. So when Marvel was bought by Disney, I saw a ray of hope for getting my girls into superheroes. Disney Infinity was the first way I introduced my girls to the awesomeness that is the Avengers (they are still a little too young to watch the movie). Both CJ (age 6) and Ava (age 3) fell in love with Black Widow. We played together on PS3 for hours, saving the city from Frost Giants and stopping Loki. Next Disney XD gave us the Avengers Assemble animated series which strengthened their love for Black Widow. The girls liked the other heroes too, but Black Widow let them be super and “girlie”

It came time for CJ to go to first grade and Ava to start pre-K and they both needed backpacks. CJ wanted a Disney Princess backpack while Ava asked for an Avengers Backpack. It almost brought a tear to my eye. My little princess ASKED for the Avengers over Frozen/Queen Elsa, and all the other addictive frilly Disney “princessness.”Ava did have one request. She asked for a bag that had Black Widow on it. This was around the time after Avengers: Age of Ultron, so I figured it was going to be a simple task. I was wrong… oh boy was I wrong. I found at least six different variants of Avengers backpacks that featured characters, but only ONE of them included Black Widow. And that particular one was out of stock. The trooper that my daughter is…she accepted the backpack that had Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor on it. Then she needed a lunch box and I had similar issue finding one with Black Widow on it. I also happened to find an Avengers Assemble themed plastic container. I thought this would be awesome for Ava’s to carry in her lunch bag. Care to guess who were the characters featured on it? Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man… yep no Black Widow. I was begining to wonder if they forgot she was part of the Avengers, As if the Avengers was some type of He-Man woman haters club. To be fair, the lunch box, well its more of a lunch bag, the container, and the backpack didn’t have Hawkeye, Vision, or Scarlet Witch on them either, but I digress.


Even the cup Ava got didn’t have Black Widow on it…

There is a point to this rant,a reason that I’m harping on the Avengers lack of Black Widow. Fast forward to Halloween and the time for the girls to get costumes. My wife ended up finding both a Black Widow and an Iron Man costume on sale. She got them both. Ava tried on both costumes and chose to be Iron Man for Halloween. That’s right…she chose to be Iron Man over the Black Widow.


The punchline of this article comes in the form of what Ava asked for for Christmas. She (and I quote) said she wanted “A Iron Man that talks”. The nerd pride that gleamed from my face could’ve been seen for miles I wager. I didn’t even know if the toy existed. We didn’t see any commericals that advertised anything like that. Still, I was determined to find one. I did and Ava loves her Iron Man.
SO I guess the moral of the story is if Marvel doesn’t give girls female heros to love…they’ll move on to Iron Man….

ANT-MAN a no spoilers review


I had to make a deal with my wife to see Ant-Man on the Thursday before its official release. But alas that is the life of a nerd dad. Ok, maybe I’m laying it on a bit thick, but the deal was way worth it…Still I digress.
If you are a super hero fanatic like myself, you’ll enjoy this movie. The special effects are well done. The shrinking and growing scenes are cool and believable. The CGI ants were also cool. My wife was actually surprised by the number of ants in the ANT-MAN movie…lol. There were a few times that the shrinking scenes were a little hard to follow, but I’m sure it’ll be fine the second time I see it.
Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd do a good job of portraying our heroes. The torch passing between the two works well on screen. Former Lost hottie Evangline Lilly was cool as Hope. At first I thought her character was too rigid, but she warms up later. As expected with a Marvel movie, the weakest part of the film is the villain. While Corey Stoll is ok, it’s like he can’t make up his mind whether he was nefarious, psychotic, or simply misunderstood. While that might work with say the Joker, it makes Stoll’s motives seem more manufactured. Besides Rudds’ wisecracks and humor, there is the “plucky comedy relief” from what equates to sidekicks; in the form of Michael Pena, T.I., and David Dastmalchian. Their roles are funny and well placed. Pena is especially fun with his unique method of explaining things to our hero.
What makes this film especially good for me is the reason that I have a soft spot for all the Disney/Marvel super hero films…the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The fact that the films are connected and you get cameos and mentions of events from other films tickles my super hero loving bones. Some of the things they mentioned (nods and connections to other Marvel characters and movies) in the film almost gave me a nerdgasm. Then there are the cameos, and those actually did give me a several nerdgasms.
There are TWO post credit scenes, so make sure you stay for both.

Ant-Man is a must see for the super hero/comic lover, the Disney film lover, and everyone in between.
I give Ant-Man a B+